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Get paid to receive emails!
Earn Up to 26p* per email
Earn commission
Advertisers pay a fee to mail you through a secure email gateway.  You earn 25% of the fee from every email you're sent
Ask family, friends & social contacts to join as 'buddies' & you'll earn up to 26p* from every email they receive too!
No Spam - You're in control
Totally Free membership
Because emails are sent through us you can stop them all whenever you like.  All it takes is a single click of your mouse.
Membership is 100% FREE!  You just can't lose so why wait?  Anyone can join, do it now and start earning! Register Now!
What is MailPay?
Advertisers pay to mail you through a secure mail gateway which earns you 25% of what they pay!  Make money with every email you receive!
Build a member profile to attract relevant emails that help you save money!  It could help you save money, £10's  £100's even £1000's!
Make Money & Save Money - Register Now!

Anyone can make and save money with MailPay!  Membership is SAFE and totally FREE!  Companies like Google and Facebook make BILLIONS using your personal information to target you with adverts, NOW through MailPay you can make MONEY FOR NOTHING!... Register Now!
*credits redeemed through our rewards list

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