Member Profiler
Target our members with total accuracy using their
own personal information
MailPay is a new kind of email gateway between advertisers and recipients. Members volunteer data to help you target them with your message by email.  We pass your message to each member selected and reward them for supplying their data.  It's targeted advertising with clout because it deliveres more than just adverts!
Mail Sampling
Test different emails on your recipients to determine which
will get the best response
Mail Sender
split large campaigns into
bite size chunks and pick
up later where you left off
Mail Builder - Helps you create marketing emails in minutes.
Member Profiler - Target our members with total accuracy. The perfect tool for any business looking for an "edge".
Mail Sender - An easy to use mail merging tool designed to save you money and improve response
Confirmed Opt-In
Confirmed Opt-In members,
have given their permission
for you to email them
A unique marketing "club"
MailPay is a unique concept developed in the UK offering advertisers the perfect way to get their message in front of the people most likely to respond.
How does it work?
MailPay members create a detailed personal profile containing information about themselves which as a MailPay advertiser you can access totally free to help you target your emails.  Where they shop, what they buy, what they spend, how they pay, their hobbies, habits, interests and lots more besides!  Identify perfect potential customers and email them with effortless ease.
Great value
We provide everything needed to build, target and send emails as well as deal with responses.  Even though our rates are extremely low, a percentage of what you pay to send each email is given to each recipient in return for the data they supply which helps you select them.
All the tools you need!

MailPay Limited Unit 24 Billing Arbours House, Heather Lane, Northampton. NN3 8EY. United Kingdom
Registered in England number: 05644399. VAT Registration Number: 943 8931 86  -  MailPay is registered under the Data Protection Act registration Number Z9487951